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Terror Threads - Movie Review “The Other Side of the Door”

Olivia Davis

At Terror Threads we keep up with the latest Horror films to hit the big screen by going to see them as a company. This week we took in the newly released “The Other Side of the Door” and have to say came away generally pleased with our viewing experience. Unlike some films of a similar nature the film doesn’t waste time in getting right into the story, and the pacing throughout the film keeps the viewer engaged. While at times the film is crowded with jump scare scenes, which at times can be a bit forceful, for the most part they fit in well with the story. The film does a good job in maintaining a creepy vibe throughout the movie, and while it may seem like your run-of-the-mill ghost story it added enough uniqueness to leave these movie-goers satisfied. Overall we would give the film a B- grade, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone wondering what next horror film they would want to see.


- Troy H.

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