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Terror Threads Movie Review- “The Darkness”

Rick Davis

  Recently we here at Terror Threads decided to go and catch the newly released horror film “The Darkness.” It had been a while since a new horror film was released, so we were excited to see this. However, the excitement we had quickly evaporated as the movie failed to deliver. The film tries to draw the audience in by showing the main characters going through rough family issues that most modern American families face. The issue is that these problems fall by the wayside and are completely forgotten about as the movie goes on. There was never a moment while watching this movie where any of us at Terror Threads felt scared, or at least a little worried for any of the characters. Additionally, the film literally tells the viewer what has to happen for the conflict to be resolved. Seriously, the main character watches a YouTube video, and the ending is word for word given away. After that the movie quickly devolves into your typical ghost story/exorcism film with a little too cheesy of an ending for our liking. So in retrospect, the most useful thing about this movie is that it would help you if you were playing a game of the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, and that’s about all worth remembering.


- Troy H.

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