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5 Fun Facts about Sleepaway Camp

Megan Cross


Following the immediate success of Friday the 13th, the slasher classic Sleepaway Camp emerged and pleased horror freaks and geeks alike.  Teens have been falling prey to a killer at Camp Arawak.  And with the insane ending that nobody saw coming, Sleepaway Camp is a slasher classic.

This campfire slasher brings back some nostalgic feels.  Mean girls, horny boys, and creepy cooks while getting constantly bitten to death by mosquitos while nursing a sunburn are just some of the things that make summer camp so lovely.  

Nestle near the campfire and get ready for a late night ghost story, savoring smores  as I share with you the 5 Fun Facts about Sleepaway Camp

1.)   The original artwork for the SleepAway Camp Survival Kit Box was recalled after complaints were made by the American Red Cross.  According to Tom Bambard, senior brand manager of horror and sci-fi at Anchor Bay, he states that;  "For 20,000 pieces, the design of the outer case originally sported a large red cross as the main graphic element. Our package was intended to give the impression of being a first aid kit.  Then, of course, it had a big bloody handprint on it—like somebody at camp grabbed the first aid kit to save himself.”  That was until a Canadian representative from the Red Cross contacted Anchor Bay and mentioned that using the red cross insignia was prohibited by the Geneva Convention.  “We certainly took it seriously,” said Bambard. “We immediately communicated our willingness to repackage any existing product and make the necessary changes to all product going forward.”  What a bummer.  The concept was very cool.  Way to suck the life out of me Red Cross!

2.) The film was also known as the Nightmare Vacation, Summer Camp Inferno (in Japan), Sinister Camp (in Brazil), Summer Camp Massacre (in France), Angel of Death (in Hungary), Bloody Summer (in Germany).  I mean--each one of those names kick’s so much ass!   Just think of the posters!  I've been searching for these everywhere and have come up dry.  If you find one, you let me know!

3.) During the canoe flipping scene, Kenny (portrayed by actor Jon Dunn) lost a pretty large piece of his hand when it collided with a sharp rock at the bottom of the lake.  "After I had split open my hand I was rushed to some hospital in the middle of nowhere and they had no idea what to do with me," said Jon.  

4.) A young Peter (played by Frank Sorrentino) the brother of none other ‘The Situation’ from the Jersey Shore.  Yeah, buddy!

5.) The paramedics carrying away the burned cook at the beginning of the film were actual paramedics from the town.  Notice the Fort Edward Hudson Falls lettering on the back.  That’s commitment!

Sleepaway Camp manages to stand out from the campy slasher flicks that dared to replicate the infamous Friday the 13th.  It’s got just enough juice to keep you moving throughout the film without stalling.    You identify with the characters and cheer loudly during the kill scenes.  This flick makes you want to take a trip to good ole’ Camp Arawak.






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