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Terror Threads - Movie Review “The Witch”

Olivia Davis

 We here at Terror Threads decided to take a break from the hustle and bustle of printing and shipping all your Horror T-Shirts for a couple hours at the shop today, and go see the latest Horror movie to hit the big screen, “The Witch.” Going into the show we heard mixed things about the movie, and while not disappointed, the film did not live up to our overall, admittedly, lofty expectations. The Witch does a good job in setting the tone early on, and captures the ominous setting of the film quite well. You can truly feel the danger of the forest and the great unknown. There are a few scenes that are truly disturbing, however, the film lacks those truly scary moments that jump out at you, and leave you thinking about it late at night. The actors do a good job of keeping your attention, however we never felt invested in them to care about their fates’. Overall we would give the movie a C+, wouldn’t call it a classic by nay means, but certainly entertaining enough to get out of the office on a Friday afternoon.


- Troy H.

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