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Collector's Editions, Kong & Castlevania: Horror Coming to Netflix & DVD July 2017

Melissa Thomas

The month of July is going to be the month of the Collector's Editions as well as the premier month for the Netflix original take on Castlevania
July 1st
The Invisible GuestA young businessman faces a lawyer trying to prove his innocence by the assassination of his lover.
Delicatessen: Post-apocalyptic surrealist dark comedy about the landlord of an apartment building who occasionally prepares a delicacy for his odd tenants.
Out of Thin Air: It's Iceland, 1976. Six suspects confess to two violent murders. Their involvement was all in their heads. This is the strangest criminal investigation you've never heard of.
Spawn: An elite mercenary is killed, but comes back from Hell as a reluctant soldier of the Devil.
Taking Lives: An FBI profiler is called in by French Canadian police to catch a serial killer who takes on the identity of each new victim.
July 6th
The VoidShortly after delivering a patient to an understaffed hospital, a police officer experiences strange and violent occurrences seemingly linked to a group of mysterious hooded figures.
July 7th
CastlevaniaInspired by the classic video game series, Castlevania is a dark medieval fantasy following the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepe himself.
July 31st
Dark NightThe lives of six strangers intersect at a suburban Cineplex where a massacre occurs.


July 4th

Here AloneA young woman struggles to survive on her own in the wake of a mysterious epidemic that has killed much of society, and forced her deep into the unforgiving wilderness.


July 11th

Pulse: When their computer hacker friend accidentally channels a mysterious wireless signal, a group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world.

July 18th

The Bat PeopleAfter being bitten by a bat in a cave, a doctor undergoes an accelerating transformation into a man-bat, which ruins his vacation and causes considerable distress for his wife.

Kong: Skull Island: A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong, and must fight to escape a primal Eden.

Lake Alice: The family Thomas goes out to their cabin in the woods to celebrate Christimas together with their daughter and her boyfriend. But their first x-mas together may be their last.

July 25th
Awaken the ShadowmanAfter the mysterious disappearance of their mother, estranged brothers reunite and discover an unknown supernatural force.
Re-Animator: A dedicated student at a medical college and his girlfriend become involved in bizarre experiments centering around the re-animation of dead tissue when an odd new student arrives on campus.
Slither: A small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters.
The Stendhal SyndromeA young policewoman slowly goes insane while tracking down an elusive serial rapist/killer through Italy when she herself becomes a victim of the brutal man's obsession.
Unforgettable: A woman sets out to make life hell for her ex-husband's new wife.
The Warlock Collection: Definitive collection of the Warlock films.
The Zodiac Killer: The San Francisco area is beset by a series of seemingly random murders without motive or pattern. The police are taunted by phone calls and letters. Could the maniac be the violent, truck driver, or the seemingly mild-mannered mailman, or even a cop?
Check back at the end of the month for the list of August's releases.

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