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Coming Soon to Terror Threads...The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Stephanie Malone

On October 1st, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) will be celebrating its 43rd anniversary. Decades after this tiny slasher film —falsely marketed as “based on a true story” — shocked and terrified audiences, it remains one of the most influential films in modern horror history.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface

Upon its release, TCM was a huge blockbuster success, crushing the record as the highest-grossing indie horror film ever. That record would be beat four years later by another of the genre’s most influential films, John Carpenter’s Halloween, whose Michael Myers was undoubtedly inspired by Leatherface. 

The DIY, low-budget horror film (unheard of at the time) — filmed, produced and marketed for under $300,000 — is now known as one of the most groundbreaking and, still to this day, terrifying horror films of all time. 

The fictional events of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place on August 18th, 1973. As a result, horror fans on social media have declared today “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Day”. We here at Terror Threads are thrilled and honored to celebrate this day with a huge announcement.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We have just been awarded the official licensing rights to one of the most exclusive and coveted properties in horror, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This is a virtually unheard of distinction for a company as young as we are, and we could not be more humbled by the opportunity to bring you a killer line of officially licensed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre merchandise, including tanks, baseball tees, shirts, and zippered hoodies designed by some of the most talented artists working in the genre today.

Every design in the collection will have received the official seal of approval from the licensing team for TCM.

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