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Doctor Sleep, Snake Plissken & A Strong Hand: Horror Coming to Netflix, Shudder & DVD February 2020

Melissa Thomas

The month of love is upon us, and what says "I love you" more than a heart in a chocolate box? Netflix isn't giving the horror genre much love this February, but Shudder and Blu-ray releases are here to be your bloody Valentine. 
February 1st
A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010):  The spectre of a disfigured man haunts the children of the parents who murdered him, stalking and killing them in their dreams.
Scary Movie 2: Four teens are tricked by Professor Oldman into visiting a haunted house for a school project.
February 11th
PolaroidHigh school loner Bird Fitcher has no idea what dark secrets are tied to the Polaroid camera she finds. It doesn't take long to discover that those who've their picture taken with it, soon die.
February 21st
A Haunted HouseMalcolm and Kisha move into their dream home, but soon learn a demon also resides there. When Kisha becomes possessed, Malcolm - determined to keep his sex life on track - turns to a priest, a psychic, and a team of ghost-busters for help.

February 1st

Child's PlayA single mother gives her son a much sought-after doll for his birthday, only to discover that it is possessed by the soul of a serial killer.

Escape From New York: In 1997, when the U.S. president crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue him.

The Fog: An unearthly fog rolls into a small coastal town exactly 100 years after a ship mysteriously sank in its waters.

My Bloody Valentine (2010): Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one that believes he's innocent.

Night of the Comet: A comet wipes out most of life on Earth, leaving two Valley Girls fighting against cannibal zombies and a sinister group of scientists.

February 3rd

Like MeA young woman sets out on a crime spree that she broadcasts on social media.

The Whistler: Lindsey is put in charge of babysitting her younger sister Becky one night while their parents go out to dinner. Becky asks for  a bedtime story and picks out a book called “The Whistler,” the story of a man who leads children to a magical place in the woods where they never have to grow up. Lindsey tells Becky that the real story is about a crazy man who lived in the town some hundred years ago who led children to their death. Unimpressed, Becky goes to bed but when Lindsey awakes, her sister is gone and she must search the woods to find her…

February 6th

Dogs Don't Wear PantsJuha has lost his wife in a drowning accident. Years after he still feels numb and unable to connect with people. Meeting Mona, a dominatrix, changes everything.

February 10th

CatcallsA man cruises around late at night looking for something. He pulls in to ask two young girls for directions - only to flash them to get a cheap thrill. Unfortunately, he has picked the wrong girls. They are also out hunting tonight and they will stop at nothing to get their kill.

The Golden Glove: A serial killer strikes fear in the hearts of residents of Hamburg during the early 1970s.

The Hills Have Eyes: On the way to California, a family has the misfortune to have their car break down in an area closed to the public, and inhabited by violent savages ready to attack.

Prom Night: At a high school senior prom, a masked killer stalks four teenagers who were responsible for the accidental death of a classmate six years previously.

Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II: Thirty years after her accidental death at her 1957 senior prom, the tortured spirit of prom queen Mary Lou Maloney returns to seek revenge.

February 13th

3 From HellAfter barely surviving a brutal police shootout, the demented Firefly clan unleash a whole new wave of murder, madness and mayhem.

February 17th

Seoul StationSeveral groups of people try to survive a zombie pandemic that unleashes itself in downtown Seoul.

Return of the Living Dead III: Having recently witnessed the horrific results of a top secret project to bring the dead back to life, a distraught youth performs the operation on his girlfriend after she's killed in a motorcycle accident.

February 20th

Jessica ForeverIn a dystopian world where violent misfits reign supreme, one woman and her makeshift family of rehabilitated marauders fight for peace.

February 24th

Dog SoldiersA routine military exercise turns into a nightmare in the Scotland wilderness.

Empathy, Inc.: An investor in a VR startup discovers that the reality the company provides isn't virtual.

Wendigo (2001): Wendigo, a beast from Indian folklore who is half-man, half-deer, and can change itself at will, the child begins to wonder if the creature might have something to do with his family's sudden misfortune.


February 4th

Doctor SleepYears following the events of "The Shining," a now-adult Dan Torrance must protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known as The True Knot, who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.

The House That Jack Built:  The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman.

Grand Isle: A young father is charged for murder and must prove his innocence through recalling a very twisted and dark night of events.

Rabid: The quiet Rose works in women's fashion clothing, hoping to be a designer. A traffic accident damages her face. She gets experimental stem cell treatment, leaving her stronger and prettier than ever - but there's a side effect.

February 11th

After She WakesAfter a horrific tragedy, an isolated mother and daughter dealing with grief develop terrifying sleep disruptions that manifest into a sinister reality.

In Fabric: In Fabric is a haunting ghost story set against the backdrop of a busy winter sales period in a department store and follows the life of a cursed dress as it passes from person to person, with devastating consequences.

Preacher: The Final Season: God's endgame for the universe begins to click into place. Trapped between heavenly prophecies, hellish prisons, and all-out nuclear war, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy make their bloody way to the Most High. Whether they can reach God in time — or whether all this carnage is part of His divine plan — will soon be revealed as PREACHER barrels towards the end of the world.

Swamp Thing: The Complete Series: Abby Arcane returns home to Marais, Louisiana to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, only to discover the dark, terrifying mysteries of the swamp.

February 18th

The Twilight ZoneAn updated version of the classic anthology series featuring various tales of science fiction, mystery, and horror.

Check back at the end of the month for March's releases.

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