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How to Survive as a Counselor in the Friday the 13th Game

Megan Cross

It’s been almost a month since the epic release of the new Friday the 13th Game.  The night of it’s release, thousands of gamers hopped onto their consoles eager to become Jason and kill some counselors.  Although the game has been receiving sudden glitches and connection drops, the game is highly entertaining.  I know plenty of people who have yet to play the game, so I am here to provide my strategy on how I survive as a camp counselor...

First off, the addiction is real.  I won’t lie to you there.  I will be sitting at my desk pretending to do work and I’ll be contemplating all the strategies on how to survive and maximize points in the game.  And I'll even search online to see what my other fellow gamers are doing during their matches.  (I wish I was kidding…)

I have an XBOX one, and I immediately fell prey to the concept of ‘waiting for a session’. And let me tell you--that was a rookie mistake.  The key thing is to find group matches who are looking for online players.  By joining a private match you’re guaranteed game play within minutes.  Even the creators of the game suggested this!  I generally mark interested on a gaggle of matches until they all come swimming back into my direction so I can have my pick of the litter.  Whether you have an XBOX or a PS4, creating a private match is your best bet if you want to avoid waiting almost an hour or more for a session.  Believe me, I'm speaking from personal experience...


If you haven’t figured it out--the object of the game is to survive if you’re a counselor.  And if you’re Jason, the goal is to kill everyone. 

I maximize the most out of my game play by being a counselor.  The general consensus when this game was released was that everyone and their grandma wanted to be Jason (not) a camp counselor.  It’s actually more fun being a counselor.  You can be a lot more strategic and (to be honest) there’s no amount of pressure to kill everyone with the time you’re given...

My first objective wherever I end up is to retrieve a map.  This is probably the most important resource in the game.  It's dark and difficult to find your way through the woods without one.  I tried playing the game without one and died within minutes because I didn't know where in the hell I was going!  If you have a map in this game, you're guaranteed to navigate a lot faster.  Trust me!

My second objective is to find a weapon.  Mainly people go for the pocket knife, the wrench or the hatchet, but my weapon of choice is the flare gun.  I know it's an odd choice but believe me it has saved my ass.  If used correctly, the flare gun can be used to distract Jason while providing you with ample time to escape.  For example; while I was waiting for the cops to arrive on the side of the road, I had a western stand off with Jason.  Standing several feet away, I aimed and fired!  He went down and I took off towards the police car.  Best. Weapon. Ever. 

My third objective; fix the phone box.  You will need to locate the fuse which is usually stuffed in a desk drawer in one of the cabins.  I have only found the fuse maybe three times during all the matches I've played.  Finding this little guy is truly a luck of the draw.  Once you've installed the fuse in the phone box this provides you with the opportunity to call the police.  Calling the police in this game can be a real gamble.  Not only does it take them 5 minutes (aka the longest minutes of your life) to arrive on the scene but you don't know which side of the road they will be on UNTIL they show up.  So if you're hiding out on the wrong side of the road when they arrive, you have to find a way to run all the way back from which you came.  This is probably the most adrenaline induced part of the game!


If I am unable to fix the phone box, I attempt to call Tommy Jarvis on the radio.  When I'm cabin hopping throughout this game, I'm always on the look out for a tall white and red tower.  That is where the radio is located.  The benefit to calling Tommy Jarvis is that if you die, you have the potential of getting selected randomly to return to the game for a second chance to survive (and obviously to get more points).

If all else fails-- I just run the clock.  This may be a dick move, but I've also found it to be the most strategic.  If I can see that we 2 minutes left until the match is over, I start playing the clever game of cat and mouse.  I leap through windows, I cabin hop and I run around tables.  I just evade to the best of my ability.  If I'm not being hunted down by Jason AND I don't have any resources--I hide.   (Hint: if you hide next to a rock, Jason has a hard time finding you on the mapTee-Hee.)  There's been many times where I've come up dry on finding any resources and I'm left to my own devices.  Hiding out in outhouses, underneath beds or a nearby rock is my last resort if I'm planning to outwit and outlive my fellow counselors.  I can hide out until the cops arrive or the game ends. 

I know the majority of camp counselors go for the necessities to assemble one of the two cars or the boat which is great!  And people have succeeded!  But personally I die a lot faster by going for those items first.  I become an easier target.  And based on observation, Jason typically goes straight to the modes of transportation first.  Wouldn't you? 

The whole point of this game is to work smarter not harder.  Period.  Think about where Jason would go first if you were him.  Don't you think you'd go for the cars first?  When I play Jason, I booby trap those areas and I wait for you in stealth mode because I know that's your first objective.  Just avoid running into him on the map to the best of your ability.  Think outside the box, you will have a better chance at surviving and leveling up in the game...


What are YOUR strategies?


Let me know if you ever want to play in a private match!  I'm always down to play.




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