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Horror Films of the 90's

Megan Cross

Denim.  Boy Bands. Scrunchies. Crop Tops. Furby's.  Hair Gel.  Who doesn’t love the 90’s?  I grew up during this time frame so I will always have a soft spot for this decade.  But do you know what also happened during the 90s—the birth of some amazing Horror Films.  Let's travel back to a simpler time where CD players were the norm and pooka shells were a staple in men’s fashion.


Kathy Bates stars as the ‘number one fan’ in this Stephen King classic.  There’s nothing scarier than having your legs hobbled as you’re forced to write a novel that your captor is obsessed with.  This movie gets me every time and is a personal favorite of mine.  Bates is alluring and unhinged.  Caan is crafty and on edge.  Being a famous author has some consequences.  Beware of any crazy cockadoodees.


Everyone seems to be dying around town and Jeff Daniels might be next!  Battling his fear for spiders, he must conquer the deadly eight-legged monsters to save the town.  Many parts of this film had me on edge and made me feel as if spiders were secretly crawling on me.  Enacting fear from a spider just simply crawling on the floor towards someone's foot or dropping from the ceiling is pure genius.  Everyone is afraid of spiders that can kill you (even grown ass men who claim to be fearless).  If I were to be in a horror film, I would most likely get bit and die.  

People Under the Stairs—1991

People Under the Stairs is an another classic from the late great Wes Craven.  The story follows a young boy named Brandon who decides to break into his greedy, psychopathic and incestuous landlords home.  With the help of Roach and Alice, will Brandon be able to free the people who have also been held captive?  This film made me nervous and grossed out at the same time.  If you haven't seen this film, I highly recommend it.  Some parts are a little humorous and I'm pretty much in love with Roach.


The first time I watched this flick I was drunk and it made it that much more amazing. According to an urban legend, Candyman is said to be the spirit of a vindictive former slave who was killed for having a white mistress.  The hypnotic sound of Tony Todd's voice is even more unsettling than his murderous hook-handedness.  I've been meaning to revisit this film while being super hammered.  If you do watch this film while drunk, please be sure to share me your thoughts.  

Army of Darkness—1992

On a quest to return back to the real world, he must find Necronomicon—the Book of Evil. He opens it and releases a hellish army of demons!  I will never get tired of Evil Dead.  Maybe it's because these films haven't lost momentum, unlike other horror films which rely on their successful platforms.  Critics and audiences alike will continue to enjoy this classic.  This franchise will always remain a favorite of mine.

Wes Craven’s New Nightmare--1994

Freddy’s back, and he’s not done yet!  The psychotic slashing maniac has returned and he’s determined to make your life a living nightmare.  There’s not much to say about this film (along with other work from Wes Craven).   Nothing can compete with the 1984 original but this flick seems to hold it's own. This film is another addition to his portfolio that just seems to never fall flat.


Woodsboro is being stalked and terrorized by a scary-movie-loving psychopath.  Will you remain one step closer than the killer or will you meet your end?  Out of the whole franchise, the original is a film I can watch again and again.  I was too oblivious to realize the plot twist that was coming (but I was probably not the only one here).  Scream is a staple of 90’s Horror and a favorite in my collection.

Scream 2--1997

Scream 2 is the second installment in the Scream series.  The story takes place one year after the deadly massacre in Woodsboro.  Sidney Prescott is the sudden target of a copycat killer modeled after Ghostface.  Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox return to face the killer.  Sequels almost always flop but this one surprised everyone.  Scream 2 dominated the box office, raked in $172 million as well as several awards and nominations.  

I Know What You Did Last Summer—1997

Nothing screams 90’s than this Slasher hit.  Loosely based on the novel by Lois Duncan, the film follows the storyline of four teenagers who are involved in a hit and run.  Feeling absolutely panicked, the fab four throw the ‘dead’ fisherman into the water, but they are reminded of their past in a series of threats.  This received horrible reviews from critics and because I’m such a 90’s kid—I’d have to disagree with what they are saying.  Some critics have called it ‘predictable’ and ‘uninspiring’ and although some moments may have had some predictability, I believe all in all this film had enough to keep you watching.  

The Faculty—1998

Something bizarre is happening to the students and faculty at Harrington High.  A persuasive (yet irresistible heartthrob) drug dealer Josh Hartnett bands together with some of his other classmates as they fight the alien invaders.  This film is extremely underrated in my mind.  The first time I watched this movie, I was constantly wondering who was/wasn’t infected.  But then again I believe teachers are aliens in general.

Halloween: H20 20 Years Later—1998

He’s back and has discovered where Laurie has been hiding all these years.  Jamie Lee Curtis returns as the principle of a hidden private school in an attempt to rebuild her life and escape the terror of her past.  This film didn't do so great with critics but I don't care. This sequel is packed with one-liners and action packed scenes.  Although Michael carries the majority of these films, the real star here is Laurie.  And maybe LL. Cool J.  What?  The ladies love him.

House on Haunted Hill--1999

Would you stay in a house that was super haunted for a shit ton of money?  (I've considered it).  A millionaire invites a group of people to stay in an old abandoned insane asylum.  The goal for the participants is to stay the night and leave without having any fear.  Stephen and Evelyn suddenly become trapped with their guests and angry spirits.  Following the 1958 classic, the 1999 flick remake (although negatively reviewed by critics) is still loved by many.  


I’m not going to list every horror movie from the 90’s.  But if there’s one thing we can all realize, the 90’s weren’t just about fashion and amazing music.  The 90’s were a creative platform for some great (and not so great) horror flicks.  Maybe you can start with this list I’ve created if you’re feeling up to transporting yourself back to one of the best decades ever.  

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