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Leatherface and company help us start off the New Year!

Rick Davis

 Coming #TerrorThursday January 11th at 5pm EST, we bring you three new Officially Licensed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Designs! Our first design, "The Saw Is Family" (pictured far left) was created by Terror Threads' very own Sam Coyne (@samhain1992). Our second and third designs were created by one of our faves Corey Thomas. It has been a while since we worked with Corey so it's great to have him back again. Corey actually created one of our very first original designs entitled "Reaper's Revenge" that we still sell to this day. He is well known for his work with bands such as Foo Fighters, Motorhead, Sublime, Matchbox Twenty and more! Corey was able to give his designs that Vintage 70's look we were going for. We wanted a couple of Tees to almost appear as if they were made back when the film was released in 1974 and we think Corey really captured that.

 Each design is available on Mens and Womens Tees, Baseball Tees, Tank Tops and two of the three designs will be available on Zipper Hoodies. Now, this is in fact a limited first run. When sizes and styles start selling out we cannot guarantee they will be re-printed as the more we grow the more shelf space is a premium in our warehouse. In fact if you take a look around our site since the start of the new year you will notice a good amount of styles and designs are now gone. While we would love to keep a healthy supply of all our designs on hand we just can't do that anymore. So get your The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gear while the gettin's good!

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  • Aaron on

    I’m very interested in purchasing 1 of each shirt in XL. Please send link on how to order them Thanks

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