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Now Available: Officially Licensed "The Houses October Built 1 & 2" Collection (Part One)

Stephanie Malone

2014’s The Houses October Built (HOB) played like a love letter to horror and Halloween Haunt fans, showcasing some of the best real life haunted attractions across the country. The found footage style film marked the directorial debut of Bobby Roe, who also starred in the movie.

While the found footage sub-genre has some detractors, HOB was praised as one of the more effective and unique found footage films since The Blair Witch Project. With a creative concept, some genuine scares and a solid cast, The Houses October built became a cult horror hit. The success of the film also spawned another sequel, The Houses October Built 2, that was released on September 22 to rave reviews. 

Terror Threads is thrilled to announce the release of our Officially Licensed “The Houses October Built” and “The Houses October Built 2” Collection Part 1 featuring designs by our own incredibly talented designers @samhain1992 and @_toto_6.

The shirt designs for both films in the franchise are available in men’s and women’s t-shirts and baseball tees. Toto 6’s “Hellbent” design for “The Houses October Built 2” is available in our popular black light reflective shirt style.

You can also pick up Samhain 1992’s “Road Trip” design for “The Houses October Built” as part of our extremely limited, exclusive T-Shirt and Scented Candle Bundle.

This bundle is part of a collaboration with our absolute favorite candle company @sickwix and is limited to just 31 sets. These are guaranteed to sell out quickly, so be sure to act fast!

As always, both shirts are limited first pressings with a high risk of sell out. We cannot guarantee these designs will be brought back — so GRAB YOURS WHILE YOU CAN!

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