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Terror Threads Movie Review - "The Conjuring 2”

Olivia Davis

 One of the few horror movies of the Summer came out last Friday, and you know us here at Terror Threads just had to go and see it. The movie I’m referring to is “The Conjuring 2” and we have to say that we came away very satisfied. While it may be a bit too long for a horror film, “The Conjuring 2” had everything you look for in a horror movie. Director James Wan does a fantastic job of establishing the setting and tone of the film early on, and maintaining the creepy vibe throughout. Wan shows the audience how a close knit, struggling family starts to get torn apart by the frightening entity residing in their home leading them to get expert help. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, who play Ed and Lorraine Warren, do a great job of pulling the audience in and making the audience both aware of the terror they face, as well as making them care about the fates of the characters. Overall this was an exceptional ghost story with a nice twist that should definitely leave the viewer satisfied.

- Troy H.

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