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Terror Threads Movie Review - “The Purge: Election Year”

Olivia Davis Horror Movie Review The Purge The Purge Election year

               Recently, we here at Terror Threads took a company outing as we do for most new Horror Movie releases and went to go see the newest installment in the Purge franchise. The Purge: Election Year introduces the audience to a bigger world than we’re used to seeing in regards to the first two movies. We learn early on that one of the main characters is a Senator that is actively campaigning to get rid of Purge night. That is the main plot point of the film, as those already in power are planning to take her out on Purge night. We are introduced to main characters of all different backgrounds, and they all eventually are lead to one another one way or another to try and survive the night. While we enjoyed the film, and thought it was entertaining, there’s no doubt that this isn’t a movie for everyone. The acting, while delivering some funny one-liners, oftentimes falls flat, and can be seen as stereotypical, or cheesy. Election year introduces a new element into the Purge universe, and that is of murder tourist. These are people who travel to the US just for Purge night. While an exciting addition to think about, they are only featured on screen for about 5 minutes. This is where we feel was the biggest letdown of the movie, people are intrigued by The Purge because they want to see the crazies battle it out in the cities. Too often in these films are we stuck following the protagonist to see if they survive the night. Overall, it was a fun movie experience, there were good action scenes, and fun over-the-top stuff mixed in just right for a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, however we still are left feeling that there are more stories, more excitement going on on Purge night that the audience just doesn’t get to see.

- Troy H.

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