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Terror Threads Official Sleepaway Camp Collection!

Rick Davis

We’re thrilled to announce the first release in our officially licensed line of Sleepaway Camp merchandise.

 34 years ago, Robert Hiltzik’s iconic slasher film Sleepaway Camp was released on unsuspecting horror fans. Creative and memorable kills, an unforgettable performance by a young Felissa Rose, and a shocking twist ending that people to this day can’t stop talking about helped elevate this movie above standard slasher fare and catapulted it to iconic cult status.

Like a great many horror fans, Sleepaway Camp has always been a favorite of ours. When our good friend Nico Nice of morbidlybeautiful.com told us he could put us in touch with the right people to secure licensing rights, we were beyond excited…downright giddy in fact!

We were honored to work closely with horror icon and legendary scream queen Felissa Rose to design the first set of officially licensed enamel pins inspired by the beloved cult horror film.

Every design was run through Felissa, and her input was essential. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and we promise she’s as excited as we are about these releases!

These pin designs went through MANY revisions to get them just right. We worked hard to capture the look and feel of this 80s classic, while incorporating the rustic, campy aesthetic that contributes so much to the movie’s charm and lasting appeal.

We think you’ll agree, from the pins themselves to the custom backing cards, our talented artists absolutely nailed it!

Sleepaway Camp

BLOOD SHED, a tribute to the iconic VHS art from the original release, is a stunning 2” pin designed by artist SamHain1992.

Sleepaway Camp

For those on Team Angela, Toto6 has created the QUEEN ANGELA 2” pin honoring Felissa Rose’s utterly unforgettable character, Angela Baker.

Sleepaway Camp

Finally, Ryke1 designed a faithful recreation of the SLEEPAWAY CAMP LOGO in a 1.5” pin.

The pins are are $13 each (plus shipping) and are expected to begin shipping around mid May.

This is the first pressing and, once they are gone, they may not come back. As these have a high chance of selling out quickly, we encourage you to get yours while you can.

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We’ve got many more incredible Sleepaway Camp designs coming soon, including apparel, phone cases, turntable slipmats, mugs…and maybe even a few items you’ve never seen from us before. Stay tuned!

Keep your eye out for the next drop coming Thursday, April 27th.

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