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Terror Threads Proudly Announces Part One of Our Officially Licensed “Halloween” 40th Anniversary Collection

Stephanie Malone

This October will mark the 40th Anniversary of John Carpenter’s essential horror masterpiece Halloween. It also marks the long awaited return of the slasher icon with David Gordon Green’s sequel to the Carpenter classic headed to theaters — bringing the return of Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and the original Michael Myers himself, Nick Castle.

Even after all this time, fans can’t get enough of The Shape. Released on October 25, 1978, Carpenter’s second major film was released and, through word of mouth, went on to become the highest-grossing independent film of all time (for a while). 40 years later, and the film is still considered one of the most effective, innovative and influential slasher films of all time — almost singlehandedly launching the birth of an entire sub genre that still thrives to this day.

Shot in just 20 days on a $325,000 budget in Southern California, Halloween® grossed over $70 million at the box office and set the bar for modern horror while influencing young filmmakers for generations to come. It’s now a horror staple and continues to play to sold out audiences across the country.

Since Terror Threads opened shop just over two years ago, we’ve had so many highs and been embraced by the horror community in a way we could have never imagined.

But the greatest accomplishment to date has been acquiring the coveted licensing rights for one of our favorite films of all time. It’s an honor few merchandisers get, and it’s been so rewarding bringing the fans one of the largest selections of original, Officially Licensed Halloween® apparel available anywhere!

This Terror Thursday, April 26th at 12pm EST, we are so proud to expand our Halloween® offering in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the film.

We’ll be releasing Part One of our Officially Licensed Halloween® 40th Anniversary Collection apparel, with three incredible new designs by two of the most talented artists working today.

We are so thrilled to have Terror Threads favorite Toto6 back with us for this release. This unique concept thought up by Terror Threads' own Rick Davis, and executed so perfectly by Toto6, is a must own for any Halloween fan. A stunning work of art, this design will be available in a tee, as well as a limited tank and women's tee, and two extremely limited baseball tees with your choice of red or blue sleeves.

Graphic Designer Corey Thomas is one of the more sought after artists. He specializes in music merch and has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry. It was a tremendous honor to work with him to create two incredible new designs for this launch.

Corey’s designs are very striking, and always have that sentimental throwback feel, a perfectly fitting ode to the beloved classic. Featuring two of the most iconic scenes in the film, Corey’s designs, like the film itself, are artistic, timeless, and absolutely essential.

Pick up either of these designs in a standard tee, limited tanks, or limited baseball tees. The risk of sellout for these is extremely high, and these may not be restocked in the future. So act fast!

As always, be sure you’re subscribed to our Newsletter to receive advance notice of this release, as well as other special offers just for subscribers. You can find the link In the bottom right hand corner of our site.

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