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Terror Threads review "Alien Covenant"

Troy Haecker

    One of the most beloved franchises for us Horror fans had a new movie released this past Thursday, so you know we at Terror Threads had to make an effort to go and see it. The movie I am referring to is “Alien: Covenant”, director Ridley Scott’s anticipated sequel to “Prometheus”. The film centers around the crew of a ship called The Covenant as they are on a mission to seemingly colonize a planet on the far side of the galaxy. However, they discover a closer suitable planet on the way to their destination, and decide to head there instead. What they soon come to realize though is that the paradise they thought they found turns out to be a dangerous place containing a plague that poses a threat to the entire colony. The film delivers on creating the feel as the original Alien movies, capturing the claustrophobia of the spaceship in addition to having a plethora of kills Alien fans would love to see. However the film does fall flat in developing the characters, as crew members are ruthlessly discarded before you can even get so much as a name. Although “Alien: Covenant” answers some of the question fans were left with after “Prometheus” there are more created after an ending of the film that is ambiguous. While “Alien: Covenant” was not a perfect horror movie, it was still entertaining, and thoughtful, and is a must see for any fan of this beloved franchise.

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