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Terror Threads Review "Blair Witch"

Troy Haecker

     The hotly anticipated sequel to one of the most titillating Horror Movies of the past twenty years was released recently, and we here at Terror Threads made it a point to go and see it. Of course we're referring to the “Blair Witch.” While this one lacks the element of surprise that the first one had, after all that was before the massive popularity growth of found footage films, so people had no idea if what they were seeing was true or not, a majority of us here at Terror Threads found it to be a pulse-pounding thriller that kept you on the edge of your seat. We do have to mention if you get motion sickness easily we would not recommend going to see this or be prepared to cover your eyes a bit, unfortunately one person in our group was effected by the first person film styling and had to leave the theater half way through. Other than that, there were plenty of positives that this film had going for it. It centers around the younger brother of the main character from the original Blair Witch Project, who sets off on his own quest along with a few friends to discover what happened to his sister, and if there is some miraculous chance she is still out there. The filmmakers do a great job of creating an eerie, and terrifying atmosphere. As an audience member you truly feel how alone, and lost the characters are in the vast expanse of the woods. Whereas the original Blair Witch film told the audience very little about what was going on, leaving the viewer to guess at much of what happened, the sequel does a good enough job at revealing a little backstory of the area, but still doesn’t fully reveal what goes on so as to stay true to the original. Overall, we found this to be a positive horror movie experience that was entertainingly suspenseful, all the while scared of what was to come. So if you were looking for a horror movie to go see in the next couple of weeks then the “Blair Witch” would be recommended by us.

- Troy H.

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