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Terror Threads Review “Don’t Breathe"

Troy Haecker

 The biggest movie at the box office last week was the horror thriller “Don’t Breathe.” Of course that means we over here at Terror Threads had to find time on a Friday to get out and go see it, and we are sure glad we did. Going into the movie we didn’t know what to expect, as we didn’t know too many details, and that made the movie much more enjoyable. The movie actually started off with a message from the director, Fede Alvarez, which we took very kindly too, as it showed that he truly cared that his audience had a positive viewing experience. In the beginning of the movie we are introduced to our protagonists, a trio of young adults who rob houses. The next job they do could be their last, as the man they are plotting to steal from is sitting on an estimated six figure payout, who just so happens to be blind. From there the movie is a heart-stopping, pulse-pounding thrill ride, as the main characters get more than they bargained for, and the robbery isn’t nearly as easy as they thought. The blind man, played by Stephen Lang, does an amazing job at portraying the fear, anger, and paranoia someone in his position would feel. Additionally, the film does a great job at keeping the audience on their toes, as there is no safe feeling for the main characters at any point in time. Overall if you have yet to see this movie, Terror Threads highly recommends you do, and also that the least you know about the film the better, as the twists and turns this film takes you on will make for one hell of a movie going experience.

- Troy H.

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  • Dreaded_Juggalette on

    Hello there my wonderful amazing people. I seen it on Friday as well. And posted about it on my instagram page. When I was there people actually clapped and cheered at one part of the movie and then again at the end. It really was good. At first I thought Stephen Lang was Christopher McDowell at first glance from the trailers. But this guy really did a great job. Money well spent on this I hope the producer and directors get a great reading from the box office on their movie. Its worth it

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