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Terror Threads Review "The Bye Bye Man"

Troy Haecker

  There’s not many better activities to do on Friday the 13th than to head to the movie theater, and catch the most recent horror flick. The horror movie out this week was “The Bye-Bye Man” and while we didn’t have too high of hopes for this one, we must say we left the theater feeling a little disappointed. The movie starts off well enough featuring a small-town reporter who goes on a murderous rampage. You’re left wondering what possessed this man to do this and you're shifted to present day where we meet our main characters being three college students who just moved into an off-campus house. Strange events start to occur once they hold a séance and The Bye-Bye Man’s name is uttered, and from there we slowly learn about the evil that saying his name provoked. While the film has some creepy and well shot scenes within the house, it falls flat on the story telling that would engage the audience. Much of the plot felt contrived, and at times even felt random as to which direction the story was heading. Additionally, the acting leaves a lot to be desired, as the actors failed to make you feel any sort of emotional investment in them. One last gripe with the film is that it seems to be geared towards a younger audience, which may explain why we at TerrorThreads weren’t too fond of it, due to the lack of gore or other imagery that evokes a feeling of terror in the crowd. All in all while the film has some scary moments, we wouldn’t recommend going to the theater for this one, and wait for it to come out on DVD or your favorite streaming site.

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