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Top 5 Horror Heroines

Morbidly Beautiful

It’s Women in Horror Month! That means it's time to celebrate our favorite harrowing heroines that have graced our screens.

As we celebrate Women in Horror Month, we must also pay homage to the many horror heroines that have defined the genre. Whether it be by brains, brawn or both, these leading ladies showed that girls are so much more than sugar, spice and everything nice.

1. Laurie Strode, Halloween

Hail queen Jamie Lee Curtis!

Faced against the murderous Michael Myers, teenager Laurie Strode is in for the most challenging babysitting gig of her life. Also known as the original final girl, Laurie not only manages to protect herself from the knife-wielding murderer but also the children in her care. And she shows her quick-thinking and cleverness by using whatever weapon she can create against Michael, including a coat hanger.

Even throughout the remainder of the Halloween franchise, Laurie continues to kick ass and survive Michael's insatiable bloodlust.

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 2. Adelaide, Us

Despite Adelaide’s grey morality, her interesting character and Lupita Nyong'o’s specular performance has earned her a spot on this list. When a typical family holiday goes terribly wrong, Adelaide and her family are forced to face the trauma and secrets of her deadly past.

Yet, despite this, Adelaide stops at nothing to keep her husband and children safe, even digging into her violent nature in order to save them. Despite her occasionally questionable actions, this is still an admirable trait that contributes to her complex and interesting character.

3. Agent Clarice Starling, Silence of The Lambs

Clever, calculated and strong-willed, Clarice Starling’s strength lies not as much in her physical strength but her ability to match with with the brilliant cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Although her solid mind does come in handy when she becomes trapped in an underground dungeon with killer, Buffalo Bill, she still shows her adaptability in a violent situation. On top of this, Clarice shows a retable sense of humanity due to her commitment to saving Katherine Ryan and the tragic backstory that continues to haunt her.

4. Nancy Thompson, A Nightmare on Elm Street

Despite her young age, Nancy still summons the bravery and wit to take on the terrifying Freddie Kruger. After watching the remainder of her friends die, Nancy is left to fend for herself as Freddie closes in.

Yet, Nancy is able to construct a clever trap to lure Freddie into the physical world in order to kill him. Although her efforts do not keep Freddie away forever, she is still an admirable addition to this list.

5. Jess Bradford, Black Christmas

Before you watch Sophia Takal’s adaption (please do), maybe have a look at this particular heroine from this underrated 1978 flick. After having one hell of a semester, Jess faces a whole new level of problems when a killer in the attic starts picking off her sorority sisters.

Deadly with a fireplace poker, Jess maneuvers her home turned house of horrors as her list of allies grows short. All the while, the killer is close on her heels.


Written by Claire Smith, Morbidly Beautiful

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  • Don Johnson on

    You forgot Sharni Vinson in You’re Next! Shes number 2 if not number 1.

  • Mallory on

    This was great but I feel Sally from TCM was OG final girl

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