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What to Expect: Horror Releases in 2017

Megan Cross

2016 was a successful year for Horror films.  Directors such as James Wan blew my socks off with films such as Lights Out and the Conjuring 2.  But what can we expect from 2017?  Will it be even better?  Or will it miss the mark?
Buckle up.  Go pee before you read this.  I wrote a lot.  
Let’s see what we can expect.



Get Out

Release Date: February 24 2017

Synopsis:  Chris heads home with Rose to meet her parents during a weekend getaway.  As the weekend progresses, Chris unveils the truth he never saw coming.

This already captures my interest seeing as though Jordan Peele (the comedian from Key and Peele) not only wrote the screenplay for this but he’s directing it as well.  But how can he go wrong with same minds who produced The Visit, Insidious and the Gift?  People suddenly start to go missing in the small town which begins to raise suspicion.  And there is something strange about the robotic fake exterior some of the citizens have.  These themes are cooking this film up to be a must see.

Insidious: Chapter 4

Release Date:   October 20th 2017

Synopsis: Insidious 4 will continue the story of Elise somewhere between the plot from the first to the third film.  The film will be based on Elise before her spooky profession and just before meeting the Lambert Family.  

James Wan will be producing this film and although the third installment fell a little flat, I feel confident that it will come back swinging.  This film is supposed to bridge the gap between the third and the fourth film while mainly focusing on Elise’s character.  Not much has been provided about the fourth installment but if one thing’s for certain be sure to prepare yourselves for the further.

Alien Covenant

Release Date: May 19 2017

Synopsis: Crew members of the Covenant colony ship have discovered an unmarked paradise but to their surprise it is more dangerous than any of them have anticipated.

Following the sequel of Prometheus and the second installment of the Alien Franchise, Alien Covenant is guaranteed to scare audiences. The trailer fucking nailed it.  You’re filled with such panic for the characters.  Aliens can enter through your ear and break through your spine?  This evolution of alien infestation is horrifying enough.  The use of the camera is brilliant.  If any horror film wants the most reaction from their audience just make them feel like they are there.  The terror in their faces is just enough for me to buy my ticket.  Count me in. 


Release Date: September 8th 2017

Synopsis: Seven kids growing up in Maine are challenged with facing a monster in the shape of a clown named Pennywise.

I’ve never been confident in remakes.  The concept of repacking the original is such a risk.  In this remake, local kids keep disappearing.  A pack of childhood friends have to regain their fuzzy memories in order to figure out how to destroy Pennywise.  I could give two shits less about this childhood gang.  They are all dead to me.  The real focus is on Bill Skarsgard who will be playing Pennywise.  Tim Curry nailed it and he will never be replaced.  But in this remake, will Pennywise be terrifying or terrible?

Jeepers Creepers 3

Release Date: TBA 2017

Synopsis: Terry Jenner is plagued by nightmares of her son Darry being killed by the Creeper.  Terry is on a mission to bring an end to the demonic creature.

When this was announced, my jaw dropped.  It’s been 13 years!  And now the Creeper is back!  I’m pretty excited for this.  They are even using the original Creeper himself—Jonathan Breck!  All we got to do is sit and wait for the release date.


Release Date: 2017?

Synopsis: A young nurse is kidnapped by some violent teens who have recently escaped from a mental hospital.  One of the teens is determined to carry out the sick and twisted thoughts from his mind which will later transform him into Leatherface.

When the poster for this prequel was released, I may have screamed in excitement and frightened my neighbors.  The film is supposed to be brutal and very bloody.  Leatherface is my favorite character in horror.  And now he’s back?  Or at least we all think he will be. I would be more excited for this if there was an actual concrete release date.  They are claiming that this film will be released on January 2nd 2017.  After double checking movie sites and realizing that this film isn’t going to be released THIS weekend, I’m not even sure when this will come to theatres.  Maybe the date got pushed back AGAIN.  We shall see.

Halloween: The Night Evil Died

Release Date: October 31st 2017

Synopsis: Michael Myers escapes death row and returns to the streets of Haddonfield to terrorize once more.

Halloween will be following up on the original John Carpenter film.  This will be sure to capture the younger (less horror-versed) crowd.  Marcus Dustan, Director of the Collector and the writer for some of the SAW films will be taking charge of the script.  There have also been talks of John Carpenter coming on board to produce it which fans are freaking out over.  I will always love the Halloween franchise and I have faith that this will be a hit.


Release Date: February 3rd 2017

Synopsis: Julia’s boyfriend Holt becomes obsessed with a mysterious videotape that claims to kill the watcher a mere seven days after one views it.  In order to save him, Julia sacrifices herself but that sacrifice may come with a surprise within the film…

When this film was announced it received such backlash.  All I heard was “not this shit again” which confused me.  The Ring was released back in 2002 (when I was barely a freshman in highschool) it scared the shit out of me.  There’s a videotape that can kill you seven days later?  So that’s what Blockbuster does to you if you aren’t kind enough to rewind.  Kidding.  And not to mention Samara was terrifying.  Everyone denies it up and down but grown men were terrified the first time she emerged from that creepy well.  I’m curious to find out what this film has up its’ sleeve.     

Friday the 13th

Release Date: October 13th 2017

Synopsis: Get ready to return to Camp Crystal Lake.  Prepare to meet the Voorhees family and see how it all began.

According to various chit chat across the internet, Friday the 13th is said to revolve around the overall origin of Jason Voorhees.  We are finally getting to see why Jason is still alive after all this time.  This film will be taking a more supernatural approach as to why Jason just won’t stay dead.  How does he keep making that comeback?  I’m praying this isn’t going to be another attempt at what Halloween 3 failed to deliver.  Is there a curse at Camp Crystal Lake drafted up by some hillbilly sorceress?  I pray there isn’t or this film is going to be a disaster.

Which of these films are you excited to see this upcoming year?  Will Horror dominate the box office?  Or will the genre fall flat?



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