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About us

Hey everybody, this is Rick from Terror Threads.

My Wife Olivia and I have a love for all things Halloween and Horror. So much so we wanted to figure out a way we could become more involved in the Industry and maybe offer a little something different than the current norm. We had been running a silk screen print shop in a Chicago Suburb for years printing mostly textiles and accessories for businesses/clothing brands around the area. We thought why not take our current business combine it with our love for Halloween and Horror and start a new brand of our own? Shortly after we brainstormed a bit on how we could give this a real dedicated try we agreed to move forward with our idea and Terror Threads was born!

What we are set out to do is offer truly original artwork that screams all things Halloween and Horror. We will be working with some really kick ass artists from across the globe who have the same vision and passion we do for the genre and our brand. By owning our own print shop we bypass the middle man entirely and we are able to focus on quality control much more. We'll also be able to offer some clothing styles, sizes and accessories not many others do. The possibilities are endless.

We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read up about us a little bit here. We look forward to hopefully being around in the Halloween and Horror apparel Industry for years to come and doing bigger and better things as we move forward. Thank you very much!

- Rick
  Terror Threads